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Approach the emblematic Sant Roc yourself a break in the weather get close to nature, awakens the senses... A unique environment healthy, caring harmony, peace and prosperity.

Stress, hectic lives we imbalanced yourself a break and give yourself a unique and different where break, regain sensation and feeling back into balance. It is a small hostel, located in a farmhouse of 1700 where we have restored its old stables with only 4 romantic rooms named emotions and all different: Happy, Smile, Love ... The rooms are spacious, bright and decorated differently integrated between the stones of a Catalan farmhouse and nature preserving its original, romantic and different charm. Located in the heart of Montseny Natural Park "presents a combination of entertainment, health, sports, relax, culinary delights.

- You can make numerous hiking trails around the area and enjoy the views and the river Tordera. The coast is located about 23 km away.

Who we are:

We are a nature lovers and Montseny we fell in love ...

Our life stress, noise and was the usual routine.

We used to take long horseback riding, discovering places and breathtaking landscapes, which brings you ever closer to nature and awakens the senses and a little atrophied over time ... The aim flee daily stress ... therefore undertook a new course into the heart of Montseny. In the emblematic Sant Roc we find a traditional Catalan farmhouse eighteenth century. For us, a small town with its own chapel abandoned ...

In March 2014 we headed to our new journey.

Today we want to share with you.